Healing Testimonials


Real Testimonials

Debbie                      March 19 2019                         
Amazing Victoria is just simply amazing. Within the first 30 seconds she knew exactly what I was inquiring about and helped me come to terms with it. She validated what I was feeling and asked spirit as well..all without me even asking a question. Previous calls she has mentioned names of parties without me saying a word. She definitely has a gift and is so sweet. Will definitely refer to her for future matters.

March 13 2019                               

Spiritual healing/cleansing Wow! Let me tell you, I just had a cleansing/healing on the phone with Victoria and it was awesome!! I was a tad bit skeptical but not any more. The way I’m feeling now is phenomenal !! I urge anyone that wants to have a cleansing please do not hesitate. You won’t regret it.

January 29 2019                               

Blessed to be a Blessing This is my second time and it is already manifesting itself. Victoria is Blessed to be a Blessing. The first time I did not want to hear what she told three years later I realize I should of listen. Now I do and already see it. Thank you

Marianna                      January 28 2019                               

House Clearing/Blessing SPOT ON!  I'm a repeat client of Victoria's. Today I had a clearing. She was awesome. She knew exactly what was going on inside and outside of my home. I had a spirit attached to an Antique Mirror and I had negative energies outside in my backyard. Which I was able to confirm to her. I took a photo of my front yard one night at Christmas time, and there was a spooky face (evil) face in my photo in the back yard. I knew this wasn't good. Victoria knew that I had negative entities in my back yard. Thank God Victoria and the Angels cleared my house. I feel so much better and free! I am so grateful for Victoria. Her gift is a God Send.

December 21 2018                               

Spot on I've consulted with Victoria about various issues since 2012. My initial call was about a relationship that wasn't going well. She offered guidance and insight. I was skeptical but it played out almost exactly how she described. Since then, I've talked to her about relationships, work, and more. Calls with Victoria begin with no prompts - she just starts sharing immediately. For me, she's been pretty spot on with situations and timelines. I highly recommend her.

June                      December 19 2018                               

A new soul friend Really good experience, she knew a lot without me having to say much. I appreciate the time she took wasn’t a rushed session. I will definitely be doing more readings.  Thank you for all your help

Maxine                      December  9 2017                               

Always great Y’all know she’s awesome or I wouldn’t be on here like everyday

Heather                      December 19 2017                               

Amazing Victoria is so warming and soothing . She will not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. She is so on point in so many aspects and most things come true . Her healing and prayer is amazing . It never hurts to have prayer in your corner and she is amazing spiritually and in all ways .

Lucy                      November 23 2017                         
Better Thanks! Feeling like myself again.

January 15 2018                         
Feeling relieved Victoria was very insightful and comforting when we connected with my recently lost pet. Thank you for helping me get through a difficult time, and know all is well. She is spot on and always a pleasure to talk to.

Lorena                      December 12 2017                         
Aura cleaning Review of Telephone session With Victoria I have never had an Aura cleaning before, until I had one with Victoria. I am unemployed and had been feeling down, negative and tense. Once, the cleaning was done I started feeling in balance and like myself again. Thank you!!!!!

Jennifer                      December 15 2018                         
A much needed clearing I’m a repeat client of Victoria’s. I’ve had many readings, coaching and today a clearing. Things at work have really been bringing me down and she knew it. She knew the reasons why. She felt the pains I had been feeling. The clearing was very emotional for me and I experienced different sensations the entire time. After, I am blessed with peace. The tightness in my chest the anxiety is gone. I feel clean and cool inside. Which after being plagued with hot flashes and high blood pressure is a sigh of relief. I am so grateful for Victoria. Her gifts and talents are out of this world. She’s surrounded and supported by Spirit and I’m blessed to be able to benefit from her gifts. Thank you, Victoria.

Porscha Boone                      November 19 2017                         
amazing Mrs.Victoria is very precise and have an amazing gift of helping me and others

Marleny C                      November 14 2017                         
Always a great experience! So glad my brother referred me to Victoria. He's been using her services for a long time so I decided to try it out too. From the beginning she is so personable and friendly, not to mention spot on! I always feel such a shift in my attitude and life when I speak with her. Simply awesome!

January  3 2018                         
Fabulous Thank you Victoria for your intuitive guidance- it is so on point and I look forward to my next appointment!

Michael                      December 21 2017                         
Wonderful reading! Wonderful reading! Highly recommended! Thank you, Victoria!

Jennifer Reyes                      December  1 2017                         
Never Lose Hope I’ve been talking with Victoria every few months since April! She was right on in her prediction so don’t ever doubt her. Months passed and her prediction finally came true right when I was losing hope and was ready to give up! Remember if she says it will happen it will! It may not happen when you want it to or right away but her predictions are right on! Victoria is easy to talk to and will help you find your best self. Thanks to her I feel hopeful for my future!

Maxine                      November 14 2017                         
Amazing I cannot wait to see all of the positive changes! Thank you Victoria :-)

November 27 2017                         
Reading via phone Its always a pleasure visiting with Victoria, I'd highly recommend her. I have talk to her a few times and she's always been pretty much on point. She will even take the time out to follow up sometimes just to make sure your doing ok after she's done a reading on you. Thank you Victoria your pretty amazing!!!!

Gaye P                      November  9 2017                         
Awesome We did a group reading with 10 people and Victoria was so accurate with all of us. My sister and I have been to her a number of times and each time she has been right on the mark. Thank you Victoria for what you do you are awesome.

October 18 2017                         
Accurate and on target Review of Telephone session With Victoria I’ve had several phone consultations with Victoria and I have to say I’m always amazed by her accuracy. Victoria gives details that are sometimes startling...as in...how did she know that? But...besides having a tremendous talent in getting information, she’s also quite adept at interpreting the information and making connections to what’s going on in your life at the time. I also like. Ring able to book an appointment on her website. It’s very easy and I like being able to see all the options for appointment times. Victoria always calls when she’s scheduled to and never fails to give full value for every minute spent in consultation.

Isenia                      November 18 2017                         
Reading Review of Telephone session With Victoria Thank you Victoria, always a pleasure talking to you, and your spiritual advise was very helpful, an enlightening  experience..

November 14 2017                         
Thank you Victoria has been helping me and my business through trails. I feel stronger, better, and more peaceful, thank God, thank her!

November  4 2017                         
Guidance Thanks and will continue to work with you

Lorena                      October 17 2017                         

Phone reading Victoria is amazing. I didn’t even ask and Victoria was already telling what I wanted to know and how I should handle the situation. A reading with Victoria is quality. She doesn’t waist your time. 

October 21 2017                         
WASTE OF MONEY If you have money to throw away then this is for you. She’s all about money. Please don’t base life decisions off of someone who flips tarot cards. If you have to spare, make a donation of some sort. She absolutely sucks and is completely full of it.

November  8 2017                         
Spot on Victoria Alvarado is spot on. She described things that there's no way she could know. Plus, she's "real" in that it's not boxed vague responses that could go either way. I'm very happy with her and will happily use her again!!

JOY                      October 17 2017                         
Phone Reading Very professional and to the point.

Julie                      October 13 2017                         

15 min phone reading This was my 1st experience with phone reading. Not sure what I was expecting, but felt like I had to provide info to receive info. Could hear the rider driving (heard the blinker) which was a little disappointing. Also was asked if I had any final questions before end of reading, at 13 min mark, lol. Entertaining, but not completely sure I would try again.

Porscha Boone                      October  6 2017                         
good Great

October 10 2017                         
Amazing Victoria is truly amazing. She is more than just a spiritual healer, she is someone that I can trust and ask for advice. I am always satisfied when I talk to her.

November  9 2017                         
I’m getting to know and love me!! 5 weeks ago I signed up for life coaching with Victoria. I wish I had known about this years ago. In this short time I’ve been through so many emotions but I am eternally grateful for her guidance and help. I’m starting to let go of things. Gain confidence and feel a huge relief. I sleep better at night. Work had even improved!! She’s the bright light I needed and she’s helping me get back to me. Get my power back.

Gaye P                      October 26 2017                         
Awesome I have been to Victoria numerous time and had a cleansing several times . She is always right about everything she has told me. I went last year and she told me I had something going on with my stomach and I needed to get it checked immediately. Victoria was so accurate I had a very serious medical condition and had to have surgery, and if Victoria had never told me that I would of just kept thinking it was nothing,and if I had not listen to her I would not be here today .  So thank you Victoria

Michael                      September 19 2017                         
A+++ Wonderful reading! Very insightful! Highly recommended! Thank you!!

Maxine                      November 18 2017                         
Luv this woman Thanks Victoria!

October 13 2017                         
Consultation My session was awesome.Victoria hit it right on where my concerns and thoughts were! After speaking with her I received a phone call and sure enough it exactly what she told me. I was surprised and thrilled! God bless you Victoria.

September 16 2017                         
On Point! She was so on point and knew immediately what was going on with me. She gave me clarity and confirmation on my situation. She's the best and I highly, highly recommend her.

Maria Garcia                      September 30 2017                         
She is amazing!!! Victoria is amazing! Did a telephone reading and aura clearing! She was on point answered all my questions and doubts I had. But the most important is how I felt after my aura clearing. I literally felt she cut off all chains I had from past expirenses/relationships that we’re holding me back. I am so happy to feel that I can now move forward.

Yvonne Garry                      October 15 2017                         
Spiritual cleasing and reading I needed the cleasing desperately because I felt scattered and pulles in every direction. I feel scattered and a lot of my questions were inadvertently answered while she was doing the cleasing. When it came time for the reading much my questions were answered. It has been a while since I have felt this good it was very needed. If you are feeling angry, stress, scattered and stuck it is well worth it to have a cleasing. She has been on point with each reading that I have had with her. She is worth every penny and your time.

Michael                      October  8 2017                         
Wonderful Reading Wonderful reading! Highly recommend! Thanks!!

Dre                      September 16 2017                         

Great So relieved to hear the things you told me Victoria looking fwd to speaking with you again

ruby m                      August 18 2017                         

Great insight Victoria was spot on my areas of concern. She was very nice and knowledgeable during our session. She gave me great advice to follow and deeper insight on issues I needed to work on.

Tamara                      September 13 2017                         
Mind blowing As usual Victoria blew my mind. I have been thinking exactly the things she told me. She read me from the internet. (e-mail session).I have been seeing Victoria for several years now. And she amazes me. One gifted lady. I will continue to refer all my friends, family and co-workers to her.

September  5 2017                         
ON POINT! Victoria has a very special gift. My reading was accurate and was super helpful in giving direction about issues that are going on in my life. Messages from spirit were insightful and the reading also gave me confirmation on things I was thinking about. I am grateful for the guidance.

September  4 2017                         
You have to give it a try! I've been a customer of Victoria for almost 3 years Now. What I have experience is that at times her readings are spot on to the point that you wonder how she even knew the accurate details about your life. Others times when discussing things of the future, I've realized that sometimes predictions don't always comes together from a single reading but a combination of different readings; although there are often times when she says something will happen and sure enough it happens within her estimated time frame. I've recommended her to friends who I thought were skeptics, and again she nailed details on the head. So they were most definitely impressed. I'm not gonna lie, I have talked to other psychic mediums at the same time, but none of them have earned my trust and faith in what they're are telling me, which is why now 3 years later I ask for her insight.  Long story short, you just have to try it and experience it on your own. And definitely read through her website to understand her different types readings and healings. It'll help you understand her gift better.

August 24 2017                         
Powerful and Positive I always enjoy speaking with Victoria Alvarado,each time we have spoken she has given me accurate information regarding my life situations.I am looking forward to speaking with her again!

Miranda E                      August 10 2017                         

Highly Recommend Victoria is great I have had a in person reading and also have attended a healing class and over the phone reading . She is spot on and I would highly recommend her readings and in person classes !

August 10 2017                         
Psychic She was completely on point with every detail. She knew things that nobody knew and stuff you cannot find on the internet. She was very professional and very honest. I 100% recommend anyone to have a session with Victoria.

Joanna g                      September  1 2017                         
Amazing! I've never felt better about my life! She gave me wonderful insights into my life and I'll definitely be talking to her again!!

August  7 2017                         
Healing Class Victoria's healing class was a great experience & would highly recommend her to all!

August 31 2017                         
AMAZING!!!! Victoria started at Hello and read my situation without me uttering a word!!! Simply Amazing!!! I feel so relieved of my issues because she provided me so much clarity! Thank you!!!! I am soooo looking forward to my next reading!

Carolina T                      September  6 2017                         
Reading Review of Telephone session With Victoria What I love is that you listened to what I wanted to know and say  Thanks

Tamara W                      July 26 2017                         
Natural Gift I have been seeing Victoria off and on for several years. She never fails to blow my mind. She has described my daughter in law to be right down to a tattoo. A month later my son was dating this girl, now married. She was 100% accurate on court dealings my younger son and I were going through trying to get my Grandson back (taken out of state by his mother). Even when there were things I did not want to believe, she was right about them. I truly believe that some people have a God given gift and Victoria is one of them.

Leea L                      July 25 2017                         
Awesome We had a small group reading with Victoria and she was awesome. She was spot on with all of us , she gave us insight to problems that each of us were having . I have had readings with Victoria for several years now and she has been amazing. It's been 4 days and she is still the talk of our office , everyone was truly amazed at her gift ..needless to say she will be invited back