Home/space/office clearing/ house blessing

 House/space/office Clearing People and events leave energy imprints. This is why you can enter a space and feel amazing or instantly want to leave. Your home accumulates energy. When you don't clear the energy, it can create a feeling of heaviness and tension which can bring on more stress, arguments, and even affect your sleep and well-being  When to clear your home or space

  •  energies feel stuck and stagnant
  • experiencing or seeing ghost,entites or any kind of paranormal activity
  • If you’ve never cleansed it, it’s way past due!
  • Selling or renting out your home.
  • Buying a home.
  • Someone in your home is experiencing stress, grief, or illness.
  • After an argument or negative event.
  • During relationship stress
  • After house guests and parties (Everyone who comes into your home leaves their energy behind).
  • When you walk into your home and it feels heavy.
  • Your home is literally annoying you or making you angry.
  • People in your home are experiencing sleep disturbances.

through a distant/remote house blessing Victoria can help you remove negative debris from you home and help you feel more vibrant and comfortable in your space again. 

Business Clearing

 Business clearings 

The energy in your workplace is important as it can determine the success or failure of your business, as well as the harmony between employees.

All buildings contain their own history as a result of the energetic vibration contained within them and the land they were built on. Heavy or negative energy in a building can often impair the growth of a business and affect employee health and harmony, despite every effort to improve it. When energy is strong, a business can thrive.

it is recommended to have a business clearing done when 

  • changes in business structure
  • reduction in cash flow lines of business
  • business owner is going through a divorce
  • real estate obtained through inheritance
  • property or real estate with strong family ties
  • recent merger, acquisition or reorganization
  • programs or product lines are ineffective or inefficient

employee attitudes and life changes

  • high employee turnover
  • recent layoffs or terminations
  • feeling energetically uncomfortable in parts of the building
  • feeling drained  when at the work site
  • lack of creativity or low morale
  • employees frequent bars or abuse drugs
  • disgruntled or cynical employees or dissension among employees
  • carelessness resulting in an undesirable safety record

Customer patterns

  • high consumer traffic pattern
  • presence of emotional outbursts from customers
  • areas where accidents have occured
  • dwellings at the site of previous altercations or abuse.