Angel Magick


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 I work with the angelic realm to help heal broken marriages and relationships to help encourage a positive union through healing. if your single, and looking i can help you attract a new lover, often times a spiritual clearing is all you need to help shift emotional and traumatic blockages is what is needed for a deeper soul healing to attract what it is you're wanting to manifest in your life.  Divine Divination is white magic spells that I use to connect to the angelic realm to help you manifest your goals and desires through a high level of vibration. By utilizing the help of angels through white magic can help remove dark spells and obstacles that stand in your way.   All Angel Magick Rituals are conducted for 21 days  for the best possible outcome.

 I provide protection against negative powers, help unhappy couples to gain their happiness again, assist people in finding their dream job or in improving their business, win court cases and perform powerful healing magic that will help you clear away the effects of dark magic, entity and dark being attachments. I also help clients in the form of personal consultations or card readings, home and business space clearings, online group healing and energy transfers. 


BE WARNED! To use magic to alter a person’s free will is unethical and dangerous.

Let us assume that you want to cast a spell on a guy who perhaps is already in a relationship, or a guy who is friendly with you but not “in love” with you. You (or someone acting on your behalf) casts a spell to bind this guy and yourself together. The guy comes forward, besotted with you. Then maybe five years down the line, he turns out to be an alcoholic, maybe he becomes violent, and you want to leave him. But because of the spell casting you would find it near impossible to find the courage and strength to leave.

This is Karma, cause and effect. A very high price to pay if you ask me! Used unwisely or in the form of DARK magic, spell casting can bring catastrophic consequences to the sender and the receiver. So it is important to stay in the light.