Angel Energy Healing

 Angel Energy healing is good for all forms of your  healing needs here is a list:

  1. chakra balancing
  2. reduce stress and anxiety 
  3. cleanse and rejuvenate the body
  4. alleviate physical pain
  5. release negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs
  6. clear energy blocks
  7. raise your vibration to enhance your well-being
  8. healing for all physical and emotional ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, multiple sclerosis, rashes, psoriasis, pancreas issues, etc etc just to name a few
  9. ghost and entity clearings
  10. aura clearing
  11. forgiveness/cord cutting
  12. past life memory healing
  13. removal of hexes, curses, jinxes
  14. ancestor clearing
  15. soul loss/ soul retrieval 
  16. post surgery healing
  17. abundance blockage clearing
  18. addiction clearing
  19. molestation clearing
  20. releasing of all  vows, agreements, pacts, contracts 
  21. releasing of judgment, guilt, and denial
  22. etc etc etc......