What Does your future hold?

What Does your future hold?

What Does your future hold?What Does your future hold?What Does your future hold?


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FAQ's about mediumship

Recent Deaths & spirit communication

 If you wish to connect with someone specific who recently passed away we recommend you wait 6 to 12 months before an appointment. The probability of connecting with someone who's recently crossed over is not as probable as when sufficient time has passed. There are signs to look for that would signify they are ready to communicate.


I suggest that if there hasn't been at least 3 months since they have passed, that you wait to contact them because:

1. This person has been up-rooted from the body & life they are accustomed too. As you can imagine, it would take some adjusting to the changes that have happened from the physical to the spiritual world. The physical world and the spiritual world have different 'rules'. For example, a decade here in our time, is like a blink to them.

2. Depending on the circumstances of their demise, they may not have completely descended yet.  Its kind of complicated, but they may still be sticking around the earth to help you and other loved ones move forward. Three months is usually the time when our grief seems to lesson, and they are able to start their journey through the different dimensions.

3. If they have descended, they may still be in what I call 'Transition Time'. This is a period of time where the person who has passed away is focused on the reviewing of their life & may not be able to communicate well or at all.

4. If you are looking to hear from a specific person, waiting for a sign from them is very important. When you receive a sign from them, you'll know that they are ready to communicate, and that the chances of them being present for your reading would be much more likely. Ideally, this is the best way to know when you should book time with the medium you feel drawn to.

I suggest a minimum of 3 months time because in most cases, they are not ready to communicate before that time. Having said that "time" is not the best indicator, but "indisputable signs" they want to communicate with you is. What are indisputable signs? They come be coming to you in your dreams or in your everyday life you may see constant signs/reminders that are out of the ordinary. You're always welcome to book and try, but I'd like you to get the best connection possible.  I hope this makes sense to you, and I'd be delighted to answer any questions you may have about it.

In the mean time, please keep talking to this person. People on the other side hear us when we talk to them! So talk to them as though they can hear you. This will help them to move forward on their journey and give them energy. It will also comfort them as much as it will comfort you.


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Victoria demonstrates how she connects to spirit to provide both psychic and mediumship readings during this live recording.

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Check out this great video

Victoria demonstrates how she connects to spirit to provide both psychic and mediumship readings during this live recording.


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