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About Me


About Me

Victoria is a healer,  she has chosen this work to be of service and help those in need, She only works in the light and with high vibrational beings of light, She can communicate with spirits, loved ones whom have crossed over, angels, guides and ascended masters. Her healing and intuitive abilities are : medical intuitive, angel healing practitioner, angel reiki master, psychic, medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, remote viewing, witchcraft removal, aura clearing, ancestral clearing, ghost/ entity removal and psychic detective.

Victoria Alvarado is a World Renowned Psychic Medium and Healer,  She has been featured on telemundo, univision, cbba radio, amazing 102.5 FM,  KTEK 1110 AM, listed amongst the top 5 fortune tellers in houston by cbs local radio, has been a guests on several  radio shows and most recently featured in the Houston Chronicle.   

Victoria’s clairvoyant abilities manifested themselves when she was a young child, and since then she has been a conduit for the spiritual realm relaying messages and spiritual insight to her clients around the world for a little over 14 years now.  Victoria uses her gifts to help her clients find peace, closure and the answers they need to move forward in life.  

"When it comes to healing she is amazing " Says many of her clients whom have received all forms of spiritual cleansings from her. As a Healing Medium Victoria is able to pinpoint physical ailments in the body by connecting to her clients energy field and its through this gift she is able to remove energetic debris, entity attachments, or connect to the emotional trauma that caused the physical ailment. 

With her gifts she has helped thousands of people around the world transform their lives in positive ways with her psychic readings and healing abilities.

Victoria has also conducted in person gallery events throughout the United States and most recently in Washington, D.C, and New Port Beach, California, and surrounding areas in Texas.  She also assists clients across the Americas, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom via telephone.


What to Expect during your session



During an Intuitive Reading session Victoria will tune into your energy, connect with your divine presence, and with divine infinite spirit to receive and relay messages regarding your situation. Messages are provided to you prior to you speaking this allows her to make sure she has connected to your guides and your energy, Many of her clients are shocked at how much she knows about you before you even speak. Victoria is a straight forward kind of gal and therefore, will only reveal what you need to hear versus what you want to hear, so be prepared.  Divination tools are generally not  used in the session but if spirit leads her to use angel oracle cards or tarot she may use them to confirm what she has received from spirit intuitively.

If you're seeking a Mediumship reading to connect to loved ones on the other side of the veil she will tune into their energy and relay messages that she feels, hears and sees at the time it is provided from spirit. 

Her healing services are unique and are customized for each persons needs, as she tunes in to your body's energy and connects with spirit she will sense what needs to be cleared during the healing session you will sense the energy /chi subtle movements in the body as negative energies and debris are removed. With Intuitive readings i connect to you on a soul level by tapping into my clients energy and spirit guides i am able to offer spiritual guidance that your soul needs to move forward.

Psychic readings which offer future predictions i feel is not helping clients at all for one future predictions are not set in stone and what matters the most is the choices you make in the present moment that can set the forefront of your future whether good or bad.

Intuitive readings is a much stronger connection to your mind body and spirit as it gives you insight on what your higher self needs in order to fully heal and shift to a higher level of being.
I Believe Many who choose only psychic readings never truly heal i find such clients are stuck in negative ways of thinking, are in denial of what the soul is truly needing to be happy, and are in a stuck vibration , many are fighting a battle within wanting a positive future outcome but refuse to make the necessary changes that each client internally know is not working for their highest  or greatest good. Therefore staying stuck in a rut. 

Through an intuitive reading i bypass your ego and consciousness and connect to your guides and to you on a soul level and offer the guidance you need that is the food you need for your soul.
Many may not fully understand the guidance at first until they have the aha moment, others pick up on it right away if they are open to receive and heal.  if you come with an agenda and with expectations and attachments to a specific outcome you wont get what you need out of your session what you truly looking for is a psychic reading not a soul transformation reading that you get out of an intuitive reading session,  I also find that those that get angry from messages received during a session is because they are either in denial or not fully ready to heal and move forward due to deeply rooted beliefs, traumatic emotions and fears.

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Message from victoria

I will no longer be conducting psychic readings for new clients.  In order for New Clients to receive a reading you must schedule a clearing first.  I am finding that many of the new clients I have been receiving are not shifting in positive ways however many have said that after a clearing they finally understood the message I was trying to relay in the beginning, so for now on new clients must schedule a clearing session before they can be allowed to get readings from me.

 spirit wants me to be  focusing on healing sessions for healing is the best way that I can be of service to the world.  It's what I am most passionate about and spirit says it is something that is much needed for everyone to help them transition to a life of peace, tranquility and positivity.

For along time now I have been called into the order of light healing by my guides and angels and I am ready to make this transition into a master angel healing practitioner , therefore you will see that my services will make its full transition into the direction offering archangel reiki healing, animal reiki, aura clearing , energy healing, post surgery reiki healing, house and business clearings and blessing, witchcraft and entity removal, sending ghost and earthbound spirits to the light and so much more.

My gifts are now transitioning to medical intuitive session and it is time for me to take my rightful place in being of full service to humanity.

love and light
Victoria alvarado

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Live Client Testimonial

Real Client Testimonials and a message from Victoria

live reading & mini healing sample

Check out this great video

Victoria demonstrates how she connects to spirit to provide both psychic and mediumship readings during this live recording.

Check out this great video

Victoria demonstrates how she connects to spirit to provide both psychic and mediumship readings during this live recording.

Check out this great video

Victoria conducts a live mini clearing to demonstrate what to expect during a full in depth healing/clearing session with her.


Check out this great video

live footage from a group mediumship event