"Are you looking for a new perspective on life?"

"I'm a results kind of gal. There is nothing better than the moment when I see my clients face as they are blown away by the results my business has delivered. This is what I live for."- Victoria Alvarado

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This was my first visit to a psychic and it was fantastic. Victoria is an amazing person and told me many things that I wanted/needed to know. I would recommend that anyone who wants to learn from their dear departed ones to visit Victoria.

I've been to a couple of Victoria's healing sessions and I can say she has an amazing gift! So go and see for yourself what a wonderful healer she is!


Victoria was fantastic. She provided real insight and had significant accuracy about my situation without me sharing anything with her ahead of time. I would highly recommend her and her services. You will be happy you made the decision!

Victoria Alvarado provides the area's premier psychic and healing services that you can trust for the highest quality expertise in the Houston area. She Specializes in providing a superior psychic and personalized healing service that offers Reiki, Tarot readings, gemstone healing, chakra balancing, aura cleansings, and more. 

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Right now your guides are eagerly trying to assist you in achieving your goals. But if you aren’t connecting with them, you’re not getting their guidance.

When you book an intuitive reading with Victoria Alvarado, she will tune in to your spirit guides and receive wisdom and insights directly from your angels. She will find out what you most need to know to help you on your path.

Call Victoria Alvarado, Today, for the psychic and healing services that truly exceed your expectations in quality and accuracy. She is dedicated to giving you the services that you need to hear and experience to heal 

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Interviewed  by radio host  David Busby on September 23, 2014 press play to listen
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